The game is played with cards, 6-sided dice (hereafter called D6) and 10-sided dice (hereafter called D10).

Each player needs an AIRSOFTSQUAD, a DECK and optionally an ITEMDECK. See deck building for details.

If card sleeves are used (recommended), the same sleeves must be used for all cards.

Once cards are laid, they cannot be taken back.

Doubling is considered multiplication by 2. Halving is considered division by 2.

In case of conflicting rules, the attacker's rules take precedence.

The order of modifications is as follows: Fix>Multiply>Divide>Add>Subtract.

Card rules override ruleset rules.

An OPERATOR's AP/EP/DP/MP can be increased beyond the VALUE specified on the card.

The SKILL of an OPERATOR in the SAVEZONE or in a concealed position (HIT/OUT) is not applied.

Two TURN form a ROUND. Several ROUND are one GAME.

"Selecting" or "choosing" a card makes it a "TARGET". 

Rolling the dice on x+ means that a die result of x or more must be rolled to satisfy the condition.