A ROUND consists of 2 TURN. Each TURN consists of several PHASES. Each player goes through one TURN per ROUND. No PHASE may be skipped voluntarily.


Draw a card from the deck to your hand.


Playing the STRATEGY and EFFECT cards.
The order is as follows: the player whose turn it is plays any number of cards. Then the opposing player plays any number of cards. If the opponent has played one or more STRATEGY or EFFECT cards, the player whose turn it is may again play any number of cards. After that, the STRATEGY PHASE ends.


In the COMBATPHASE, starting with the player whose TURN is currently running, an operator performs an ACTION of the player's choice. These can be found under the ACTION item. At the end of the ACTION, the OPERATOR is EXHAUSTED (rotated 90°). An EXHAUSTED OPERATOR can only perform one BONUS ACTION. After this ACTION is completed, the opposing player performs an ACTION with one of his OPERATORS. This continues until all OPERATORS are either HIT, OUT, or EXHAUSTED. If a player can no longer perform an ACTION, the opponent continues to perform ACTION until all of his OPERATORS are HIT, OUT or EXHAUSTED.



All ATTACK and DEFENCE cards are placed on the DISCARDZONE.
Own ITEM cards can be placed on the ITEMDISCARDZONE if the player wishes so. 
All EXHAUSTED OPERATORS are rotated 90° and are no longer EXHAUSTED.
All OPERATORS that are HIT and OUT are exchanged for OPERATORS revealed from the SAVEZONE. 
If there are not enough OPERATORS in the SAVEZONE to make an exchange, the OPERATORS that are HIT are placed in the SAVEZONE until all 3 are occupied. 
If there are still OPERATORS that are HIT on a FIELDPOSITION, they stay there and remain HIT. 
As long as a FIELDPOSITION is free and a revealed OPERATOR is in its own SAVEZONE, such an OPERATOR may be placed on that FIELDPOSITION. 
After that, all OPERATORS in the SAVEZONE that are HIT are revealed again and are no longer HIT.
OPERATORS that are OUT will not be revealed again in this GAME. 
If 3 OPERATORS of a player that are OUT are in the SAVEZONE at the same time, that player automatically loses the GAME.
Finally, another card is drawn.

After that, the opponent starts his TURN.