An adjacent friendly OPERATOR and on the enemy side the opposite enemy OPERATOR and the enemy OPERATORS adjacent to the enemy OPERATOR are in RANGE of the selected OPERATOR.


At the end of his ACTION, the player must make a W6 dice roll for the OPERATOR.
die roll for the OPERATOR and roll a value greater than or equal to the value specified for X. If this succeeds, nothing happens. If not, the OPERATOR is OUT. It is face down and rotated 180°. The OPERATOR cannot be revealed again in this GAME.


When a PERFORMANCE is fulfilled, you may
Either: Draw a card from your DECK and add it to your hand.
Or: Draw a card from your ITEM DECK and immediately attach it to an OPERATOR that does not already have a CARD on it. The drawn ITEM card can also be attached to an EXHAUSTED OPERATOR that does not already have an ITEM card attached. In this case, if there is already an ATTACK or DEFENCE card, it must be placed on the DICARDZONE before the ITEM card is placed. The effect of the ATTACK or DEFENCE card ends immediately and does not last until the end of the TURN. 
PERFORMANCE is fulfilled by:
When an opposing OPERATOR scores a HIT.
When an addition under game modes is fulfilled.


Performance of one additional ACTION. A maximum of one BONUS ACTION per OPERATOR per TURN. Unless otherwise specified on the card that triggers the BONUS ACTION, the OPERATOR must be selected again to perform an ACTION in order to perform the BONUS ACTION. Which ACTION is to be executed with the BONUS ACTION can be freely selected, unless it is specified which ACTION must be executed. 
For example: BONUS ATTACK, can only be an ATTACK ACTION.


Halve the AP VALUE of the attacking OPERATOR if the attacking OPERATOR has less DP minus HITCOUNTER on that OPERATOR than its DP VALUE.


A modifier that is triggered as long as an own OPERATOR is in RANGE of another own OPERATOR belonging to the same TEAM. The modifier is described under Game Modes.


The ability(s) of an OPERATOR. They only work when the OPERATOR is in a FIELD POSITION. An ability affects only the OPERATOR who has it, unless the ability explicitly affects other OPERATORS. If an ability affects other OPERATORS, it only affects its own other OPERATORS, unless the ability explicitly affects one or more enemy OPERATORS. 
For example: -1EP for attacked OPERATOR.